Beautiful Music Level 1, Elementary Package

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by Sarah Moerman

This new music course, published by Tree of Life, is versatile enough to be a multi-year program, or a simple one or two year overview of Western are (Classical) music. Designed to develop in the student a Biblical philosophy of music, an appreciation of all sorts of music, and the ability to think critically about the music one hears.

Used to its full potential, the course is a four-year program with each year divided into two levels. The Elementary Level is written for students ages 10-13 while the Secondary Level is aimed at students age 14-17. Ideally, a student would begin in Grade 5 and work his way through all four years, covering the material as presented in the Elementary Level. Then, he would begin the cycle again covering all material in the Secondary Level. This way a student covering all eight years will encounter similar material twice, each time delving deeper into the issues presented. Supplementary material and suggestions are included with each volume for families with younger children who would like to include everyone in the study of music at the same time. This makes it great for facilitating discussion among family members.


BM Level 1, Elementary Guidebook and Anthology CD set


Peter and the Wolf CD

Gregorian Chant

Renaissance Masterpieces

Baroque Festival CD (Naxos)

Baroque Favourites CD (Naxos)


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