Astronomy Lab Kit



This lab kit is designed to accompany Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy. Perfect for the independent learner or busy family, this kit contains almost all the items you need to complete the experiments in the book. You won't find a more complete kit anywhere else! Using the items in this lab kit, students will be able to create a model of the solar system, assemble their own telescope, and find out how craters form on the moon! Items are packaged in individual lesson bags to correspond with lessons in the book.

Lab Kit includes:

5-ft. Measuring Tape
Flashlight with Batteries
Inflatable Globe
Styrofoam Ball
Box - Thin, White
Marble Set
Box - Small, White, with Lid
Plaster of Paris
Bamboo Skewer
Practice Golf Ball
Golf Ball
Magnifying Lens 50x100
Magnifying Lens 50x150
Cardboard Tube
Four Sticks
Small Plastic Bottle - 120cc
Plastic Soda Bottle
Electrical Tape
1" Metal Washer
Effervescent Seltzer Tablets (Antacid Tablets)
Child's Safety Goggles
Film Canister
Glass Jar with Lid - 8 oz.
Rock Salt - 1.5 cups
Economical Magnifier
and much more!

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