Ancient Inca (People of the Ancient World Series)



Get to know what life was like in ancient civilizations by learning about the people who lived there - from the poorest peasants, slaves, and farmers to the most powerful emperors, pharaohs, and rulers. These interesting, informative books study the cultures of ancient civilization in depth, focusing on a different social class in each chapter. Readers will learn about all of the different facets of life in these ancient cultures including agriculture, government, trade and economy, religion, arts and architecture, war, women, and burial traditions as they read about the farmers, rulers, merchants, priests, craftsman, warriors and women who lived there. The bulk of each book is text, but there is no shortage of pictures, photographs, and illustrations. Captions describe pictures and illustrations of ancient objects, while additional text boxes highlight important people, concepts, or archeological finds. Each book holds around ten chapters, along with a wealth of information in the back - a time line, biographical dictionary, glossary, list of additional resources, and an index.

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